Meet the Maker

I’m Jessica – owner and creator of Seam Beneath the Stairs. I'm a Mom of three and wife to the man who supports me and this business 100%. My family is the reason I chose the entrepreneur life. Spending time with them, watching my babies grow is super important to me!

(Photo Credit: Kelsy Nielson Photographer)

I started sewing for fun about 10 years ago after buying a $40 Singer sewing machine off of Kijiji in Calgary, Alberta. I was an elementary school teacher and needed something creative to do in my 'spare time'. I taught myself how to sew by trial and error and watching some videos on YouTube – not to worry, I’ve since updated my machinery and my skills – however I’m always learning new tips and trick on my machines.

It all started when I created a dinosaur hoodie for one of my Mom group friends. I then created one for my own daughter and got asked frequently where I bought it from when we were out and about. I branched out into creating sharks, monsters and mice and opened up an Etsy shop. I took part in a few small local markets selling my hoodies. I decided to start sewing children's clothing when I was unable to find what I was looking for in the retail stores. I was frustrated by the notion of gender stereotyped clothing and wanted clothing that my daughter felt comfortable and confident in wearing. 

In January 2018, Seam Beneath the Stairs became a fully registered company also registered with Canadian Compliance. My goal is to create clothing that is stylish, functional and comfortable for children to wear and feel confident in. Each piece is made to last through the hand-me-downs. Each item is created with so much pride and I hope that you love your Seam Beneath the Stairs pieces as much I have loved and enjoyed creating them for you!

I currently handle of all of the marketing, photography, web/e-commerce, curating fabric, cutting, and production of all products in my shop. I truly am a one woman show! I’ve always had a passion for crafting and I absolutely love the infinite possibility – and challenges – of sewing! 

Thank you again, from all of my heart, for supporting my dreams.

With so much love and gratitude,

Jessica xo

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